Waterproofing Repairs & Drainage Solutions

Waterproofing and drainage systems for all your water problems.

  • Are you encountering a damp basement or a crack in your foundation wall?
  • Is your carpet wet near a window during rainfalls or when the snow is melting?
  • Is there a pool of water or water stains at the junction of the wall and floor?

If you answered yes to any of these you are facing a problem many homeowners need to address. Water infiltration can be caused by poor soil drainage, improper grading, cracking in the foundation wall, unsealed tie holes and dysfunctional window wells.

Surface water that is improperly drained away from the perimeter of your foundation wall can seep into the soil and enter your basement through cracks or at the bottom of the foundation wall.

Water Damage Problems:

A wet basement can cause significant implications on the health and safety of your family and home. Mold and mildew growth develop causing potential health effects such as allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory complaints.

Also, continuous water exposure around your foundation and footing can soften soils and decrease its load bearing capacity, thereby increasing the probability of the wall cracking and settling. Constant exposure to moisture can also warp wooden joists, floors, corrode appliances and damage stored goods.

Many homeowners make the mistake of addressing their damp basement with improper strategies including: installing a plastic window well cover, adding more drainage stone or building up soil around windows. These solutions will only increase the drainage problems.

Professional Repair Assessment:

Each waterproofing scenario differs and must be individually examined to diagnose a proper repair strategy. BBS offers solutions to everything from small leaks and cracks to your most serious water-proofing and drainage problems.

Our professional staff will identify the root cause of your basement water problem and recommend reliable, cost effective solutions.

Our Waterproof Warranty:

All of our waterproofing systems are backed by a comprehensive 5 year warranty.