External Waterproofing Repairs Using Membrane

When looking at an exterior foundation repair, BBS applies triple protection. First a layer of waterproofing membrane is adhered over the crack in the foundation and all edges are sealed with a mastic compound.

Secondly an air gap membrane is fastened to the foundation wall. And third another layer of mastic compound is applied to all edges of the air gap membrane to ensure a solid, final protection so that no water can enter the crack. This is your most optimal solution from stopping water leaks.

Exterior foundation waterproofing and leak repairs using single membrane materials.External Waterproofing Procedure

1. Air Gap membrane extending from ground height  to top of footing mechanically fastened to wall and sealed with caulking.

2. Existing drain tile to be inspected to ensure it is functional.

3. Drainage stone.

4. Self adhered waterproofing membrane installed over the crack and edges sealed with flexible sealing compound.

5. Mastic compound spread over the foundation crack.

6.Termination strips to seal Air Gap membrane.