Interior Under Slab Drainage Systems & Solutions

When considering an interior drainage system, are you encountering “water seepage” from the floor up, do you have a block concrete foundation wall or an old stone rubble foundation wall? If so then an interior repair may just be your best solution. To solve this situation an air gap membrane is applied to the area and an efficient sump pit and pump installed.

The floor is removed and correct water drainage system is put in place. If needed, holes are drilled in the bottom course of the walls to relieve any pore water pressure.

Interior basement drainage system for leaks.Drainage System Procedure

1. Air-Gap membrane extending from ground height to top of footing mechanically fastened to wall.

2. Existing or new sump pump to collect water from drain tile.

3. Concrete floor to be removed and replaced after required drainage is installed.

4. Fabric wrapped drainage stone around drain tile.

5. Drain tile at footing level to remove water from around foundation to sump pump.

6. Concrete block walls only- holes drilled in bottom course of block to relieve any pore water pressure.